Type: Scale: 1/76

Brand: Oxford

Product Code: OX-ASV002

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One of the variants of the Austin Seven RN was its conversion into a small commercial van which proved highly popular as a delivery and service vehicle. A two-seater, the back had been stripped out to accommodate the equipment used or goods being delivered. One such user was the Automobile Association and archive photographs indicate it was used as a Road Service vehicle, highly visible in the AA's signature yellow and black colour scheme. Our 1:43 scale van is registered GX 2839 and features the addition of a roof box decorated with the AA badge and Road Service lettering. The AA insignia also features on the side doors while the (non-opening) double doors at the back are also printed with the AA Road Services lettering in black. The interior is black with yellow dashboard and brown door trim. For collectors specialising in roadside assistance vehicles, this model is an authentic replica from an early era in the service to motorists and will sit well at the initial end of an AA model timeline. . Colour: Yellow