Type: Scale: 1/72

Brand: Oxford

Product Code: OX-AC042

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Oxford Aviation adds another Japanese aircraft to the collection with the 1:72 scale version of the WWII military plane piloted by Captain Tomojiro Ogawa of 1st Chutai, 103rd Sentai at Itami Airfield, Japan in 1945. The aircraft was developed as a single-seater fighter plane manufactured by the Nakajima Aircraft Company for its prime user the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. Its excellent performance and high manoeuvrability, together with its powerful armament, were more than a match for Allied fighters, despite poor production quality, a high-maintenance engine and a landing gear prone to buckling. The Ki-84, nicknamed Hayate meaning gale took its first flight in March 1943. Just over 3,500 were built between its launch and subsequent retirement in 1945, although overseas military operators continued to use the Ki-84 even after the Korean War. Our model has a dark green upper surface and a silver underside. You will notice some bare patches of metal showing through which authentically replicate the state of many aircraft in real life. The colours were applied to an unprimed airframe and because of this and the poor adhesion of Japanese paints, this scheme often weathered badly with large patches of natural metal being visible. The white band towards the rear of the fuselage was applied to those aircraft operating in overseas territories to help anti-aircraft defence operators to distinguish them from enemy aircraft. In addition, yellow or sometimes orange identification strips were applied to the leading edge of the wings, also included on our replica aircraft. Added details include a black anti glare shield in front of the pilots windscreen, rust coloured exhaust pipes, yellow propeller tips, black gun barrels and silver Pitot tube. The red Japanese air force roundels appear on both the upper and lower wings and a red/white lightning stripe runs along the side of the fuselage on both sides from the tail to the rear of the wing.