Type: Scale: 1/76

Brand: Oxford

Product Code: OX-QLD001

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New tooling in Oxford's Military series sees the introduction of the Bedford QLD truck, manufactured by Bedford Vehicles in the UK between 1941 and 1945, for use by the British Armed Forces in the Second World War. The QLD was the GS (general service) cargo truck version of its QL prototype and was built to carry 12 persons one driver and eleven passengers/army personnel. With a height of 10 feet (2/54m), it was 19 ft 8 in (5.99 m) long and had an operational range of 156 miles (250 km). Our first release on the new tool is as used by the British Army Fire Service, dressed in the earth brown/black grey camouflage scheme with a field drab camouflage scheme to the rear canopy. The Army Fire Service lettering in white is printed boldly above the front windscreen and additional military numbering is also printed in white on the cab sides and rear of the vehicle. One special addition comprises the hose reel positioned between the rear of the cab and the trailer section. Another detailed touch is the sand coloured rope tying the roof canopy down to the flatbed section along the length of the truck, particularly where it is drawn tight' across the back with realistic folds of canvas. Silver mask spraying to the headlights and the black grey wheel inserts complete the model. The Bedford QLD is still a familiar site at the various military shows across the UK in particular, so you can look out for it on your next outing to compare it with our little 1:76 scale miniature. . Colour: Army Green