Type: Scale: 1/76

Brand: Oxford

Product Code: OX-CMP007

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We normally associate the CMP LAA (Canadian Military Pattern Light Anti Aircraft Tractor) with our Military series so its use as a support vehicle by the Southdown Motor Services is a very different yet interesting bodyshape to add to your bus-related fleets. The vehicle was assigned to the Southdown Engineering Department in Horsham, Surrey and carries the red trade plate numbering 097 BP. Decorated in the signature Southdown colour scheme, the model features a grass green cab and body with mid Brunswick green chassis and wheel inserts. The interior is moulded in dark grey with a black steering wheel. The canvas back is coloured green beige with moulded rope' ties and the windscreen wipers/radiator grille are mask sprayed black. The Southdown lettering is printed in their customary gold and black dropped s. Colour: Green